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My online students have included students from Harvard, Yale, Harvey Mudd College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Duke, Rutgers, Barnard College, Ridge, Millburn High School, Pingry, and the Lawrenceville School.

I work with families to set up technology to achieve with remote tutoring an experience as close as possible to or even better than in-person interaction.

EssentialStrongly recommendedOptional caviar
Overdesk webcam Wired connection Low-latency equipment

We will set up a basic document visualization USB camera.

The above camera is convenient (platform, mount, and camera can be stored as a single unit). The video quality is OK (good enough for a tutor to look at your work).

If you might want to purchase a high-quality document visualization system (e.g. so you can present your desk remotely in a professional setting), please let me know. I can help you select a higher-quality system.

I have helped households who had poor connectivity achieve excellent audio/video quality.

Poor connectivity blamed on family members and neighbors competing for your internet service provider's wired bandwidth might actually, in part, arise from congestion of the local wireless spectrum (cf. CSMA/CA).

It is best to use an Ethernet cable (which might also require an Ethernet adapter) to connect your computer and primary router.

If running an Ethernet cable from your computer to your primary router is impossible, we can try to use MoCA to send signals between your computer and router through existing coaxial cabling (legacy cabling for cable TV).

It is possible to use low-latency audio technology that recreates the sense of talking in the same room. Low-latency audio technology was used by music faculty and choruses to allow for live music-making over the internet during the pandemic.

I have experience helping people set up this technology: I am the low-latency project chief for my community chorus and maintain a directory of low-latency resources for community musical ensembles.

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