I have tutored in Central Jersey since 2013, including students from Ridge, Bernards HS, BRHS, WHRHS, Millburn HS, Pingry, Gill St. Bernards, Rutgers, and Barnard College. My students have been accepted to competitive universities including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

2010—2018 Postdoc, Analyst, Assoc. Researcher, UCSF
⮩ Developed tutorial on physical sciences reasoning (article 🔗)
⮩ Developed tutorials in quantitative biology 🔗 including for
⮩ phenotypic stochasticity (article 1 🔗 | article 2 🔗)
⮩ evolutionary game theory (article 1 🔗 | article 2 🔗)

2010 PhD Physics, Princeton University
⮩ 2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellow (award year 2006) 🔗
⮩ 2008 Young Researcher, Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 🔗
⮩ 2006—2009 NDSEG Research Fellow 🔗

2005 BS Physics, Harvey Mudd College
⮩ Overall GPA: 3.995 (see "judging performance" 🔗)
⮩ Physics GRE: 990 (2004 Nov) (interpreting scores 🔗)

I am local to zip codes 07924, 07921, 07920, 07978, and 08807. Please inquire about computer system requirements for Skype tutoring. Student keeps fixed hourly rate until the first semester s/he is no longer enrolled at the school s/he attended when lessons began. Hourly rate policy for all students after 2018 August 15: Every year, on August 15, hourly rate will be adjusted for inflation measured according to CPI. There is no cancellation fee. If cancellations (especially cancellations with shorter than 24-hr notice) become excessive, lessons will discontinue. Integrity: I will not provide assistance on any exam without written permission from the classroom instructor.