I have tutored in Central Jersey since 2013. I have tutored students from Ridge, Bernards HS, BRHS, WHRHS, Millburn HS, Pingry, Gill St. Bernards, Rutgers, and Barnard College.

2010—2014 Postdoctoral Scholar & Analyst, UCSF
⮩ Developed tutorials in quantitative biology 🔗 including for
⮩ phenotypic stochasticity (article 1 🔗 | article 2 🔗)
⮩ evolutionary game theory (article 1 🔗 | article 2 🔗)

2010 PhD Physics, Princeton University
⮩ 2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellow (award year 2006) 🔗
⮩ 2008 Young Researcher, Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 🔗
⮩ 2006—2009 NDSEG Research Fellow 🔗

2005 BS Physics, Harvey Mudd College
⮩ Overall GPA: 3.995 (see "judging performance" 🔗)
⮩ Physics GRE: 990 (2004 Nov) (interpreting scores 🔗)

As long as you provide a single contact for scheduling, you are invited to bring as many parents, classmates, teachers, and friends to your tutoring sessions as you like at no additional charge.
I am local to zip codes 07924, 07921, 07920, 07978, and 08807. Please inquire about computer system requirements for Skype tutoring. Student keeps fixed hourly rate until the first semester s/he is no longer enrolled at the school s/he attended when lessons began. There is no cancellation fee. If cancellations (especially cancellations with shorter than 24-hr notice) become excessive, lessons will discontinue. Integrity: I will not provide assistance on any exam without written permission from the classroom instructor.