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Dedication | Top

This collection is dedicated to George F. Schuttinger and Ken Crowther.

Create and solve AP Physics 1/2 problems | Top

T.0 SiQuENC for AP Physics.pdf
T.0 SiQuENC for AP Physics 2018-0326.pdf
T.1 AP Physics 1 & 2 FRQ problem types.pdf
T.2 AP Physics 1 & 2 Problem scenario maker.pdf
T.3 AP Physics 1 Problem categorization.pdf

AP Physics 1 | Top

0.1 What is physics.pdf
1.1 1-d Kinematics describe.pdf
1.2 1-d Kinematics graph interpretation.pdf
1.2.1 1-d Kinematics graph interpretation worksheet.pdf
1.2.2 UAM position formula derivation.pdf
1.3 SiQuENC 1-d Kinematics.pdf
2.1 Resolve 2-d kinematics.pdf
2.2 Vectors.pdf
2.3 SiQuENC 2-d Kinematics.pdf
3.1 Forces figures.pdf
3.2 Force and Newton's laws cribsheet.pdf
3.3 Spring force.pdf
3.4 Drag force.pdf
3.5 SiQuENC Forces.pdf
4.1 UCM cribsheet.pdf
4.2 UCM aIN deriv.pdf
4.3 SiQuENC Circular motion forces.pdf
4.4 Circular motion cribsheet.pdf
4.5 Gravitation.pdf
4.6 Elliptical orbits.pdf
5.0 Newt 2 can be re-expressed.pdf
5.1 Impulse delivered by a force.pdf
5.2 Not-necessarily-conservation laws.pdf
5.3 Parallels momentum energy.pdf
5.4 SiQuENC Impulse-momentum.pdf
5.5 Opt Momentum transfer.pdf
6.1 Center of mass cribsheet.pdf
7.1 Work done by a force.pdf
7.2.1 Potential energy.pdf
7.2.3 Spherical symmetry and potential energy functions.pdf
7.3 SiQuENC Work-energy.pdf
7.4 Types of collisions.pdf
8.1 Rotational kinematics and dynamics cribsheet.pdf
8.2 Torque and rotational inertia.pdf
8.4 SiQuENC Torques and forces.pdf
8.5 Rotational not-necessarily-conservation laws.pdf
8.6 SiQuENC Angular impulse-momentum.pdf
10.1 SHM Graphs.pdf
10.2 SHM UCM connection.pdf
10.3 SHM cribsheet.pdf
10.4 SHM Ignoring gravity.pdf
10.5 Resonance.pdf
11.1 Waves.pdf
11.2 Speed of wave on string.pdf
11.3 Doppler.pdf
12.1 Electric charge and force.pdf
12.2 SiQuENC Charge transfer.pdf
12.3.1 Electric potential.pdf
12.4 Current.pdf
12.5 DC (equilibrated) operation.pdf
12.6 Laboratory precautions and measurements for DC circuits.pdf
12.7 SiQuENC DC Circuits.pdf

AP Physics 2 | Top

0.1 AP Phy 2 Curriculum.pdf
7.2.2 Potential energy landscapes.pdf
7.5 Fluid mechanics.pdf
7.6 Kinetic theory of ideal gas.pdf
12.3.2 Electric fields and potentials.pdf
12.3.3 Conductors near equilibrium.pdf
12.8 Capacitors.pdf
13.1 Magnetism.pdf
13.2 Magnetism in materials.pdf
13.3 Mass spectrometer.pdf
14.1 Electromagnetism.pdf
15.1 Physical (wave) optics.pdf
15.2 Polarization of light.pdf
15.3 Light interrupted.pdf
15.4 Reflections and thin-film interference.pdf
16.1 Geometric (ray) optics.pdf
16.2 Specular and diffuse reflection.pdf
16.3 Raytracing to determine visibility.pdf
16.4 Mirror and lens ray approximations.pdf
16.5 Snell's law.pdf
16.6 Total internal reflection.pdf
17.1 Quantum physics.pdf
17.2.1 Special relativity.pdf
17.2.2 Special relativity steps.pdf
17.3 Subatomic physics.pdf
18.1 Thermo first law.pdf
18.2 Thermo second law.pdf

SAT Physics | Top

0.0 SAT Topics for after AP Physics 1.pdf
5.2.1 Heating curve.pdf
5.2.2 Thermal expansion.pdf
18.3 Heat engines.pdf

AP Physics C Mechanics Supplement | Top

(Supplemental reference sheets to be used in combination with some of the sheets for AP Physics 1).

0.0 AP Physics C Mechanics outline.pdf
0.1 Calculus mini intro for AP Phy C.pdf
1.1 1-d Kinematics describe calc.pdf
2.1 Vectors for AP Phy C.pdf
2.2 2-d Kinematics calc tiles.pdf
3.2 Force and Newton's laws cribsheet.pdf
3.6 Non-inertial reference frames.pdf
5.3 Parallels momentum energy calc.pdf
5.4 SiQuENC Impulse-momentum calc.pdf
6.2 Mass-averaging over continuous mass distributions.pdf
7.1.2 Work done along a path.pdf
7.2.2 Potential energy landscapes calc.pdf
8.1 Rotational kinematics and dynamics cribsheet calc.pdf
8.6 SiQuENC Angular impulse-momentum calc.pdf
A.1 Spatial integrals for AP Physics C Mech.pdf

AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism | Top

0.0 AP Physics C E&M outline.pdf
E1.1 Electric charge and force.pdf
E1.1.1 SiQuENC Charge transfer.pdf
E1.2 Electric fields and potentials with calculus.pdf
E1.3 Conductors near equilibrium.pdf
E1.4 Gauss's law.pdf
E1.5 Capacitors.pdf
E2.1.1 Current.pdf
E2.1.2 DC (equilibrated) operation.pdf
E2.1.3 Laboratory precautions and measurements for DC circuits.pdf
E2.2 Informal and formal circuit analysis.pdf
E2.3 RC Charging.pdf
E2.3.1 Mnemonic for exponential decays.pdf
E2.4 Electromotive force.pdf
M1.1 Magnetism with calculus.pdf
M1.2 Magnetism in materials.pdf
M1.3 Solenoids.pdf
M1.4 Mass spectrometer.pdf
N1.1 Electromagnetism.pdf
N1.2 Inductors.pdf
N1.3 LR Increasing current.pdf
N1.4.1 LC SHO Graphs.pdf
N1.4.2 LC and RLC.pdf
N2.1 Maxwell's equations.pdf

Ridge-iculously hard Honors Precalculus | Top

R1.0 GREAT method.pdf
R1.2 How to make a painful precalculus problem.pdf

Make AP Calculus cribsheets | Top

0.1 AP Calculus cribsheet maker.pdf

AP Calculus AB | Top

1.1 Limit definitions.pdf
1.3 Calculating limits.pdf
1.4 Continuity and IVT.pdf
2.1 Derivatives.pdf
2.2.1 Derivatives of circle functions intuitive.pdf
2.2.2 Derivatives of circle functions.pdf
2.3 l'Hospital's rule.pdf
2.4 Extrema.pdf
2.5 Rolle & MVT.pdf
2.6 Derivative tests.pdf
2.7 Curve sketching.pdf
2.8 Related rates & Optimization.pdf
3.1 Definite integrals and area.pdf
3.2 RAM.pdf
3.2.2 TAM.pdf
3.2.3 Integration table.pdf
3.3.1 Fundamental theorem of calculus.pdf u-sub is backwards chain.pdf
3.3.2 Fundamental theorem of calculus flashcard.pdf
3.3.3 Fundamental theorem of calculus keeping track.pdf
3.4.1 Derivatives inverse functions.pdf
3.4.2 Exponentials and logarithms calc.pdf
4.1 Derivatives and integrals in kinematics.pdf
4.2 Using integrals for areas.pdf
4.3 Using integrals for volumes.pdf
4.4 IVPs and DEs.pdf

AP Calculus BC | Top

(Supplement for AB packet)

0.1 AP Calc BC Curriculum.pdf
3.6 Integration by parts.pdf
3.7 Partial fractions and intro logistic growth.pdf
3.8 Improper integrals.pdf
3.9 Euler method.pdf
4.5 Parametric.pdf
4.6 Arc lengths and surfaces of revolution.pdf
4.7 Polar calculus.pdf
5.1 Series, tests, and remainders.pdf
5.2 Common Taylor series.pdf
5.3.1 Series calculus tricks Recognize summation.pdf
5.3.2 Series calculus tricks Obtaining series.pdf

Critical reading and reasoning for middle school | Top

0 Links to problems.pdf
1 Steps for parsing word problems.pdf
2 Steps for parsing LSAT logic games.pdf
4 Use CER to audit explanations (for middle school).pdf

Critical reading and reasoning for STEM and legal professions | Top

0.1 Make digestible lectures.pdf
1 Learning and applying for STEM and legal professions.pdf
2 Reading for STEM and legal professions.pdf
2.1 Quiz Reading like a lawyer.pdf
2.1 Reading with SiQuENC.pdf
2.2 Precis assignment.pdf
2.3.2 Note-taking for proof-based courses.pdf
2.3.3 STEM SiQuENC cribsheet maker.pdf
2.3.3 SiQuENC science steps.pdf
2.3.4 STEM SiQuENC explanation maker.pdf
2.3.5 STEM SiQuENC explanation & cribsheet maker.pdf
2.3.6 STEM SiQuENC & REASoN (wide).pdf
2.3.6 STEM SiQuENC & REASoN ntbk wide.pdf
2.3.6 STEM SiQuENC & REASoN pg - Compress.pdf
2.3.6 STEM SiQuENC & REASoN pg.pdf
2.3.7 STEM SiQuENC & REASoN (wide) dark.pdf
2.3.8 Legal for Etkina and proofs.pdf
4 Robotic reasoning for STEM and legal professions.pdf
4.0.1 Because worksheet.pdf
4.1 Quiz Reading math word problems.pdf
4.2 Proof writing.pdf
5.0 Generate knowledge.pdf

Writing | Top

1.0 Impact essays (11th grade).pdf
2.0 Composing essays.pdf
2.1 Expository structure.pdf
2.1 Forensics case table.pdf
2.2 Hierarchical taxonomy.pdf
2.3 Linked argument.pdf